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Fifty + One combines all the data available on a given territory with a predictive model which will help you understand the stakes and analyse public opinion in that area. Fifty + One is an innovative tool for targeted field campaigns.


Off-the-shelf door to door
canvassing campaigns

Scientific research has shown that door to door canvassing is the most effective way to convince voters, listen to hard-to-reach communities or communicate complex messages.


What we can do for you

Analyse influence networks in your area
Visualise every territory’s characteristics and local leaders you need to work with.

Involve the population in decision-making
Communicate effectively with the population to involve them in the decision-making process, including them in your communication strategy. Adapt your methods to local specificities.

Visualise your territory and its key evolutions
Identify potential hotspots and anticipate the need for consultation. Work out your opponents’ real influence.

Collect data directly from the field
Keep track of residents’ concerns and questions. Detect rumors before they spread.

Communicate with the population and forestall opposition
Communicate your message directly to residents by organising your own doorknocking campaign.

Access a socio-electoral database that is unique in Europe
Visualise electoral and socio-demographic data on a very fine scale thanks to Fifty Plus One’s mapping feature.

Target the voters who will make a difference on election day
Identify key neighbourhoods and socio-demographic profiles.

Organise and monitor your campaign in real time
Simply and easily organise your targeted field work and keep track of your campaign thanks to an interactive map.

Grow your supporter and activist base
Organise your contact database, mobilise them and make your campaign more effective.

Map socio-electoral issues in your constituency
Identify key issues for your constituents using their socio-demographic profiles.

Plan and monitor your field work
Target your field work using electoral data. Locate your supporters to increase mobilisation.

Keep track of your communication with constituents
Keep track of every interaction between your constituents and your team. Centralise your communication including newsletters, emails and texting.

 Discover Fifty + One

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 Discover Fifty + One

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If you are running for an election,
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“I have to say that without Liegey Muller Pons we probably wouldn’t have considered doing it even though at this stage of the project it was very useful to communicate directly with residents.”

Simon Besnard 
Regional Director at ENGIE Green

“50+1 allows me to be more efficient in my communication with constituents. I keep track of my work across the constituency in real time. It’s a new way to organise your campaigning.”

Luc Belot
Member of Parliament for the 1st constituency of the Maine-et-Loire

“Considering the context, Liegey Muller Pons’s intervention was very interesting in many ways : we were able to meet residents and answer their questions about the project.”

Thibaud Chatry 
Project Director at RTE


Guillaume Liegey
Founder & CEO

Arthur Muller
Founder & COO

Vincent Pons
Founder & CSO

Hannah Bull
Data scientist

Olivier Herlem
Data scientist

Romain Damian
Data scientist

Benoit Rauturier
Data scientist

Grégoire Mialon
Data scientist

Hugo Foyart
Front-end developer

Lois Riou
Front-end developer

Karol Lewcio
Back-end developer

Sami Ben-Yahia
Front-end developer

Inès Levy
Head of Business Developement

Fabrice Rivière
Head of Product

César Pierre

Johannes Hillje

Sibylle Meffre
Business developer

Antoine Bianco
Business developer

Raphaëlle Tulane
Business developer

A-C Deseilligny
Business developer

Marion Germa
Business developer

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Product support, press, contact us !


 Contact :

 +33 (0)1 53 80 40 21 

1 cité Paradis
75010, Paris