En Marche : La Grande Marche

Have you ever wanted to organise a large door-to-door campaign outside any electoral context, just to listen to French citizens’ concerns and to renew what it means to be a party activist? We dreamt of it and we did it with “En Marche !” in spring 2016.

The stakes were high, we had to :

  • Recruit an army of volunteers and train them in doorknocking techniques
  • Identify key neighbourhoods to make sure that the responses gained were representative
  • Equip activists with a mobile app so that they could input responses to the questionnaire
  • Process the tens of thousands of reponses and summarise them through natural language processing methods

The Grande Marche provided the momentum for Emmanuel Macron’s movement “En Marche !” It made it possible for them to recruit a team of passionate activists who then became essential during the presidential election. In numbers the Grande Marche consisted of 10,000 activists, 300,000 doors knocked, and 25,000 questionnaires filled.